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Dear friends, attendees, sponsors, supporters, fellow blockchain enthusiasts! BLOČK 2018 – NFT happened, and it was a blast! 😍

On December 14 and 15, we managed to materialize our vision and turn the snowy town of Čakovec into a competent blockchain hub that hosted a group of international expert speakers and a total of 90 attendees eager to expand their theoretical and practical knowledge of blockchain development. The blockchain scene in Southeastern Europe is growing and we are confident that the success of this year's edition of BLOČK will help us attract the attention of a wide international audience at our next conference - BlockSplit 2019. 😊

The organization of BLOČK 2018 - NFT Edition would have been a much more difficult process without our greatest benefactors – our sponsors and supporters, whose help enabled us to provide both the attendees and the speakers with a pleasant environment, state-of-the-art topics, and a high-quality conference experience. First of all, an enormous mega thanks goes out to Enjin, the company that deployed their own cryptocurrency, EnjinCoin (ENJ), and strives to revolutionize blockchain-based gaming, for supporting us as the Gold Sponsor! Additional hoorays go to our Silver Sponsors0xcert, Node Factory, Auctionity, Bitcoin Store, and Electrocoin; our Bronze SponsorsAMPnet and LoCoins; and our SupportersAsync Labs and Porobija & Špoljarić Law Firm.

Now let's get on with the recap! 😉

Day 1 (Friday, December 14): Workshops, Crypto Evening

The practical part of the conference was marked by two 4-hour interactive hands-on workshops held by George Spasov and Vladislav Ivanov of LimeChain, and Billy Rennekamp, the founder of Bin Studio, at the conference hall of Hotel Castellum. During the workshops, 40 attendees upgraded their understanding of the development and deployment of NFTs and gained loads of useful practical knowledge.

In the evening, we collectively visited The Garden Bar & Kitchen, a picturesque restaurant within the walls of the historical Castle Zrinski, and enjoyed a cozy exchange of ideas and experiences over relaxing drinks and tasty delicacies prepared for us by Marko Palfi, a famous Croatian chef.

Day 2 (Saturday, December 15): Talks, Crypto Hunt, Crypto Party

On Saturday, the conference hosted 80 blockchain developers and enthusiasts and 12 speakers from various domains of blockchain technologies who shared their extensive knowledge and experience on a number of NFT-related topics. The group of speakers included international experts such as Ilija Rolović of Enjin, Urban Osvald of 0xcert, Nikola Jokić of DAPowerplay, Bruno Škvorc and Sonja Prstec of Status, Nate Geier of EthValue, Mislav Javor of AMPnet, and Grzegorz Kapkowski of CryptoVerse.

After the closing sequence, those who didn't mind running around in the snow participated in the conference's Crypto Hunt, an exciting town-wide hunt for unique conference tokens that brought awesome prizes to the fastest hunters. The prizes were claimed in the evening when we gathered once again at The Garden Bar & Kitchen to mark the end of a successful conference with good music and overwhelming quantities of exquisite beer!

Our goal is to organize exceptional blockchain events, gather developers and enthusiasts, and spread valuable theoretical and practical knowledge of blockchain technologies to those eager to learn and expand their skills. The success of BLOČK 2018 – NFT Edition inspired us to work harder to achieve this goal: our next stop is BlockSplit 2019, a major development & business-oriented blockchain conference that will take place in Split in April of 2019. 😎

Head over here to see some photos from this year's BLOČK (more will be published soon!), and stay tuned for upcoming updates. Join us in our quest for decentralization and betterment through innovation and new technologies! 😍

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