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Hello again, fellow blockchain developers and enthusiasts! Here are some more details on the speakers and topics of BLOČK 2018 - NFT Edition. 😊

In the previous Speakers & Topics post, we introduced Bruno Škvorc of and and George Spasov & Vladislav Ivanov of LimeChain. Today, we're introducing another two speakers and their talks/workshops. Also, make sure to check the Crypto Hunt post if you haven't already - participating in our town-wide hunt for NFTs might add a new level fun and adventure to your conference experience! 😎

Sonja Prstec - Legal challenges of Non-Fungible Tokens

For the past 12 years, Sonja has been working as a lawyer, and for the past 3 years she has been focused on legal consultancy for blockchain startups and technology projects. She recently started working as a senior legal counsel at Sonja is quite familiar with the many regulatory challenges that constantly plague the realm of crypto assets. In her talk, she will outline the legal details of NFTs and provide some essential legal advice for anyone involved in the deployment of NFTs or interested in launching a NFT-based project.

Billy Rennekamp - Upgradable NFT metadata

Billy is an eclectic artist and a developer, and also the co-founder of Bin Studio, a multidisciplinary research, design, and development studio based in Berlin. His experience with a variety of projects, including Cosmos/Tendermint, Clovers Network, and ENS Nifty, makes him an ideal host of a hands-on NFT workshop. He created a cheap and flexible method that enables upgradable metadata endpoints in his NFT contracts - the method is currently used by both Clovers Network and ENS Nifty. The attendees of his workshop will learn to utilize his method, and also to create support for the tokenURI endpoint off chain through a serverless solution, utilizing simple lambda functions integrated with the Netlify hosting solution.

Stay tuned for more - a new Speakers & Topics post will be published in two days, and will reveal the details on another two speakers and their topics. Also, some tickets for the conference are still available, make sure to buy one as soon as possible! (Note that crypro tickets are cheaper!) 😉

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