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Cheers to you, fellow blockchain developers and enthusiasts! 😊

Only a little more than two weeks now separates us from the beginning of BLOČK 2018 - NFT Edition, a blockchain developer conference in Čakovec, Croatia. Many speakers and topics have already been announced - to access the full list, head over to the official site of the BLOČK conference.

Today, we're announcing the details of two more speakers: Nikola Jokić and Grzegorz Kapkowski. Check out their bio and the topics of their talks, and make sure to buy a ticket for this year's BLOČK conference as soon as possible - some are still available. (Note that paying with crypto gets you a cheaper ticket!) 😉

Nikola Jokić: Testnets - breaking bad

Nikola is the CTO at DPP (Digital Assets Power Play, the first Croatian ICO. Operating at crossroads of technologies, from hacking with Amiga 1200 to writing smart contracts, he has always strived to recognise and enable emerging technologies in a timely manner. With extensive experience in entrepreneurship and IT systems for international clients ranging from business platforms, payment channels, e-learning software to games, he has seen it all - the good code, the bad code and the ugly code. His talk is aimed at eth/solidity developers who are trying to test things on different testnets. He wil provide an overview of current and historical eth testnets, and also explain why and how testnets are used.

Grzegorz Kapkowski: Non-Fungible Tokens - missing piece of internet identification and permissions infrastructure

Grzegorz is a software developer and the CEO of CryptoVerse. He is constantly exploring information discovery and attention economy mechanism, and doing his best to merge the centralized past with the decentralized future. Grzegorz will talk about the gap between using NFT tokens for original content and tokenizing real-world assets (real estate, certificates, etc.). He will demonstrate the opportunity of using NFTs as identifiers and permission infrastructure for already existing Internet entities such as playlists, blogs, and galleries.

Stay tuned for more info on our speakers and topics, check out the other Speakers & Topics posts, and take care! 😎

Posted in BLOČK on Nov 29, 2018


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