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Once again - cheers to you, fellow blockchain developers and enthusiasts! 😊

This years BLOČK conference, BLOČK 2018 - NFT Edition, starts in less than two weeks! We have already introduced a number of speakers who will share their extensive theoretical and practical knowledge during this year's BLOČK: visit the official site of the conference to see the full list of speakers, and check out the BLOČK Speakers & Topics articles published on our site to get to know them better. 😎

Today post reveals the details of the final three speakers: Mislav Javor, Dejan Radić, and Filip Muki Dobranić. Check out their bio and the topics of their talks, and make sure to buy a ticket for this year's BLOČK conference as soon as possible - some are still available. (Note that paying with crypto gets you a cheaper ticket!) 😉

Mislav Javor - Clean, cooperative energy for the future

Mislav is the founder and CEO of AMPnet, a company that provides every new or existing electric cooperative with a full set of tools to manage payments, invoicing, smart metering, demand side management, crowdinvesting and community governance. Mislav is a software developer, blockchain enthusiast and lecturer, and the organizer of Zagreb Blockchain Development Meetup. During his talk, he will present the AMPnet platform and its technology stack, and the business assumptions that stand behind its deployment.

Dejan Radić - Abstract factory pattern application on multi-contract on-chain deployments

Dejan Radic is a CTO at Oroundo, currently managing development of blockchain based ticketing solution as well as various other projects in the tourism industry. He is a passionate software engineer interested in various aspects of IT; from theoretical computer science to agile project management. During his talk, Dejan will address the inherent block gas limit-related limitations of Ethereum as the most popular smart contract platform, and share his knowledge on abstract factory pattern application and separation of concerns.

Filip Muki Dobranić - From hipsters to connoisseurs: (non)fungibility, demandingness, and life after NFTs

Filip literally runs on batteries: he is, among other things, a developer, digital strategist, a philosopher, a sociologist of culture, and one of the founders of Today is a new day. His talk is aimed at both developers and non-developers; anyone interested in blockchain (as well as NFTs and similar specifics) should be interested in it. The talk is essential for this year's BLOČK conference because it will analyze the social context of our current state of the art (at least as far as blockchains are concerned), examine the economic and social nature of (non)fungibility, and extrapolate those observations to a possible future beyond NFT specs.

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