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Hey there! This is a special announcement for all attendees of the WORKSHOPS of this year's BLOČK conference! 😊

The workshop and workshop + talks tickets enable you to attend BOTH 4-hour workshops that will take place on Friday, December 14, at the conference hall of Hotel Castellum. These hands-on interactive NFT-themed workshops are: "NFT Deployment with Etherlime", held by George Spasov and Vladislav Ivanov of LimeChain, and "Upgradable NFT Metadata", held by Billy Rennekamp of BinStudio.

Furthermore, the workshop and workshop + talks tickets also enable you to join all speakers and organizers at the CRYPTO EVENING, a special buffet & networking meetup that will be held at The Garden Bar & Kitchen, a cozy tavern located within the walls of the historical Čakovec Castle, on Friday evening. You'll be able to relax and enjoy some tasty local delicacies and awesome beer while discussing crypto topics with a merry gang of experts! 😎

Don't miss out on this special opportunity - only 10 workshop tickets are still availbale, so make sure to get one as soon as possible! 😉 If you would, by any chance, like to attent the Crypto Evening and you don't have either a workshop or a workshop + talks ticket, the entry fee for the buffet & networking event is 7 DAI. See you soon at this year's BLOČK!

Posted in BLOČK on Dec 05, 2018


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