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Hello again, fellow blockchain developers and enthusiasts! 😊

BLOČK 2018 - NFT Edition, a blockchain developer conference in Čakovec, Croatia, begins in just a little over three weeks! We have already introduced five speakers (Bruno Škvorc, George Spasov, Vladislav Ivanov, Sonja Prstec, and Billy Rennekamp), and we have announced the details of our town-wide Crypto Hunt, an exciting NFT-related event during which you can earn some cool prizes!

In today's post, we reveal the details of another two speakers: Urban Osvald and Marko Zovko. Check out their bio and the topics of their talks, and make sure to buy a ticket for this year's BLOČK conference as soon as possible - some are still available. (Note that paying with crypto gets you a cheaper ticket!) 😉

Furthermore, the organization of this year's BLOČK would be far more troublesome without the help of our sponsors, the greatest supporters of our cause: a special giant thank you goes out to Enjin, our Gold Partner and biggest sponsor! Enjin is a multidisciplinary information technology company that developed a modular blockchain gaming platform and launched the Enjin Coin (ENJ) cryptocurrency. Additional hoorays for Node Factory, Auctionity, and Bitcoin Store! 😎

Urban Osvald - Beyond CryptoKitties: history, data and use cases in the NFT space

Urban is the CSO at 0xcert, a company that specializes in developing powerful tools for the adoption of Non-Fungible Tokens and building an ecosystem with initiatives like the Non-Fungible Alliance. Urban's talk is a must-attend for anyone working or interested in the NFT space, as it will provide an in-depth overview of the use cases, data, and evolution of NFTs. He will analyze use cases that connect physical assets and Non-Fungible Tokens and demonstrate that the realm of NFTs goes deep, way deeper than CryptoKitties!

Marko Zovko - How to build something like Ethereum Plasma from scratch

Marko is a developer at Async Labs, and has extensive development experience with Angular.js, Symfony, React.js, and, of course, blockchain development. He likes to be a jack of all trades, master of some. Also, Async Labs is one of the supporters of this year's BLOČK! Marko will show the attendees of his talk the way to build the concepts of Ethereum Plasma from scratch: building a private network, adding business logic, and facilitating a bridge to Mainnet!

Make sure to visit the BLOČK conference website to access the entire list of this year's speakers, and stay tuned for more detailed info on the topics of their talks and workshops. New Speakers & Topics post will be published in two days! 😎

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