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Hey hey hey, fellow blockchain developers and enthusiasts! 😊

BLOČK 2018 - NFT Edition will commence in just three weeks! The details of seven conference speakers have already been published in the Speakers & Topics post on our site (Bruno Škvorc, George Spasov, Vladislav Ivanov, Sonja Prstec, Billy Rennekamp, Urban Osvald, Marko Zovko), and we have announced the details of our town-wide Crypto Hunt, an exciting NFT-related event during which you can earn some awesome prizes!

Today's post reveals the details of two more speakers: Nate Geier and Tomislav Mamić. Check out their bio and the topics of their talks, and make sure to buy a ticket for this year's BLOČK conference as soon as possible - some are still available. (Note that paying with crypto gets you a cheaper ticket!) 😉

The organization of this year's BLOČK would be far more difficult without the help of our sponsors, the greatest supporters of our cause: a special giant thank you goes out to Enjin, our Gold Partner and biggest sponsor! Enjin is a multidisciplinary information technology company that developed a modular blockchain gaming platform and launched the Enjin Coin (ENJ) cryptocurrency. Additional hoorays for Node Factory, Auctionity, Bitcoin Store, and 0xcert! 😎

Nate Geier - Showcase of All The Things, a tool for NFT creation and distribution

Nate, the owner of EthValue, has been traveling the world since March of 2018, fully immersing himself in the global blockchain communities through independent research. Aside from speaking at numerous blockchain conferences, he pushed Nike (the big shoe company) to rewrite its million dollar-a-day application: NikeiD, where a user customizes their shoe, overhauling the code to React and Redux back when React was still in Beta. Nate will demonstrate "All The Things", his tool for the creation and distribution of NFTs. This tool will enable brands to create/mint NFT assets and distribute them to users automatically via the Plaid API. Also, Nate will explain why it is important to participate in hackathons!

Tomislav Mamić - Cryptoeconomic toolkit

Tomislav is one of the founders of Blockada and one of the organizers of BLOČK and BlockSplit blockchain conferences. He is an economist and business manager with several years of experience in organizational and project management. He worked as a COO at Include ltd and is the founder and president of Youth Club Split. He currently manages a healthcare startup named Denther. Tomislav's 4-hour workshop is useful for bith developers and economists, and recommended for anyone who would like to learn and understand the creation of systems with decentralized consensus (such as Proof of Stake). Tomislav will demonstrate the available tools, the key definitions, and the requirements and limitations in the construction of distributed consensus protocols. Also, he will share his knowledge of the PRESTO framework and the design philosophy used in building Casper.

Make sure to visit the BLOČK conference website to access the entire list of this year's speakers, and stay tuned for more detailed info on the topics of their talks and workshops. New Speakers & Topics post will be published in two days! 😎

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