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Having learned how exhausting it is to organize a conference, we've decided to delegate. hashtagLazy

Open Position: Conference Coordinator

Application Deadline: August 15th, 2018

We're looking for a conference coordinator to deal with all the logistics of organizing the conferences that Blockada is charge of. Right now this includes 2 events, one every 6 months or so. So effectively, you have 6 months per conference (less now, because Bločk should happen around Xmas. YIKES! 😱). This is a full time remote position, but don't expect to be sitting idly - there's a lot that's involved in planning a conference.


Your duties will include but probably not be limited to (within reason):

  • hopping over to various sponsors if needed to sign some papers and deals
  • finding advertisers and sponsors
  • handling logistics for speakers e.g. flight arrangements, refunds for travel costs, lodging and transport to and from venue
  • handling logistics about the venues: organizing and testing good internet access, room for sponsor stands, walkthrough areas
  • handling logistics about the food, drink, and cleanup: predicting the needed amounts, getting discounts sorted (maybe partnerships / sponsorships with providers)
  • handling goodie bags: printing t-shirts, gadgets, gifts, accreditations. Organizing speaker packages, attendee packages, other packages. Handling all logistics in regards to getting the stuff made and delivered on time for the number of attendees - not too much junk, not too little.
  • finding volunteers to help out at the conference
  • do press releases (either third party or write them yourself if you think you have what it takes) and find media partners to cover us not only before the conferences for the shoutouts but also during to record / interview and give us future-press.
  • organizing photographers, workshop recordings, etc.


  • Located in Croatia (then why is this in English? Because we need you to be great at English - you'll be speaking it a lot)
  • Be great at English. So great we had to say it twice.
  • Be motivated. If this is a "meh I'll do it until I find something better" job for you, we don't want you. But if you think that even though it's not your passion now it might become your passion, you're very welcome.
  • Have some experience in any of the duties above. Even if you successfully organized a party in college once, that's a bonus point.


  • If you can maintain a website, huge plus. Basic HTML should do, sites look like this and this.
  • If you have experience organizing actual events of any kind, major plus.
  • If you have contacts in the media or experience with press releases, plus, plus!
  • If you understand the blockchain and what it's about, a sizeable plus. (If you don't, maybe start here).
  • If you have your own car and can hop on over to a remote location in Croatia for a meeting, deal, or contract signing, suuuuuper handy!


  • 5000 HRK net as a starter payment. Prove yourself with 2 conferences and you get a pay bump of 25%. Prove yourself with 2 more, and another 25% on top of that is guaranteed. If you expertly execute 6 conferences, we'll bump you up to 10k. That's a salary of 10k in 3 years of good work.
  • You'll get all travel expenses refunded - within reason. You can't use your car to go on an EU road trip and charge us for it, but if you find us 5 speakers on that trip, maybe an exception can be made. Just kidding, you will not have time for road trips 🙃
  • Possible bonuses for super-extra-awesome performance. Like, if you get Vitalik Buterin to come host a workshop or something.

How to apply

Send your CV and application letter to Include all relevant experience, if any. Do not lie. Do not make things up. Do not glorify yourself. We don't mind building you up into an expert, but you need to be an honest foundation for us to build on.

If you make it into the inner selection circle, we'll give you a small task to see how you'd approach things.

Posted in jobs on Jul 14, 2018


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