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Čakovec is a small, cozy, and historically significant town in Međimurje, the northernmost county of Croatia. The town's streets boast a unique picturesque style and a rather lively scene, while the surrounding county is famous for its abundance of high-quality wine, a rich traditional cuisine, and an array of natural beauties that includes two rivers, centuries-old forests, and a lush countryside sprinkled with vineyards, orchards, and fields.

The appeal of Čakovec is constant throughout the year: the attendees of this year's BLOČK developer conference will get to absorb the town's charm in mid-December, at a time when the streets will already be enveloped in a pleasant wintery vibes of pre-Christmas festivities. Those who decide to participate in our town-wide cryptohunt will have the best opportunity to explore and mingle while searching for their NFT prizes! 😊


Business & City Break Hotel Castellum will serve as our main venue during both days of the conference. Castellum is a new and aesthetically appealing hotel located on the outskirts of the Čakovec park: it features a convenient and functional conference space with a view of the park, several terraces for relaxing during coffee breaks, a top-notch restaurant, and a wine cellar ideal for small gatherings such as unconferences or friendly meetings with our speakers.


Our secondary venue is located within the Čakovec Castle, a historical fortress initially constructed in the 13th century and rebuilt in the early 18th century in baroque style. This venue will host BLOČK workshops on Friday, December 14. Those who are interested in the town's long and rich history will be able to roam the castle museum, which displays everything from ancient ceramics and tools to medieval armors and aristocratic furniture, either on their own or in the company of an English-speaking tour guide.

Finally, our Saturday night crpyto party will take place at the Garden Bar & Kitchen, which is also situated within castle walls: final hours of the conference will be marked by food, wine, beer, good music, and relaxing vibes. Follow Blockada on Facebook and Twitter; stay tuned for more info on our speakers and topics, and don't forget to purchase a ticket as soon as possible, because BLOČK 2018 will accept no more than 90 attendees! 😎 😉

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