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A lot of people have asked about the Crypto Hunt aspect on Saturday during and after the conference. Here's how it's going to work.

The Hunt

TL;DR: you will be running around town collecting NFTs which can be used in the Hunt Venue (the castle where the party will take place). When you've collected them all, you can claim the final prize, but each individual key has a chance of earning you a reward, too - if you're the first to find it.

The Booklet

Every participant (both conference attendees and outsiders participating) will be given a booklet of information regarding the town and its surroundings at the start of the conference. This booklet, generously provided by the Tourist Community of Čakovec and, will contain local lore and general information. You are encouraged to read it throughout Saturday.

The Riddles

At the start of the crypto hunt - Saturday 5pm - every visitor who applied for the hunt will be given a list of riddles. Each riddle will have a color, and each solution to a riddle will be a physical location of a QR code where an NFT key can be found. These QR codes will need to be scanned via Status through the Crypto Hunt dapp, and will reward your wallet with an NFT key token.

A riddle like:

"[Location] Ten and one on one and ten, watching games is anything but zen."

... would mean "Stadium". Since there's only one in Čakovec and everything is accessible on foot, that's a 10 minute walk to the stadium from the venue in order to find the location of the QR code. This QR code will, when scanned, award your wallet with an NFT token like "Stadium Key". This key can unlock the appropriate vault which holds a reward (matched by color). The Vaults will be at the crypto party venue and you'll use them by scanning their QR codes.

This is just an example riddle. The real ones will have something to do with the booklet from the Tourism office.

There will be 5 vaults total which you need to open and each stage will contain a reward for the first person or first few people to open it (to be documented on-site). Whoever opens all 5 gets whitelisted to claim the final reward.


  • install Status and learn how to use it. Play around with it, join some channels, open some dapps. Register an ENS name for yourself so we can find you at NAME.stateofus.eth - it costs 10 SNT to do that, so it's a perfect opportunity to learn how to get SNT through Status and how to use dapps!
  • obtain some ether. 0.5 ether should be enough. You won't spend it, but you will need around 0.1 for gas costs, and you will need around 0.3 for an RSVP-guarantee to the crypto hunt (will be refunded). Send the ether to your Status wallet.

If you need help with any of these steps, find me on Twitter or ping us via email. Ether can be bought at Coinbase or through - verification won't be necessary if you're already bought a conference ticket. Just upload anything via the same email you used to buy your ticket and it'll go through automatically.


Anything goes, within reason (i.e. don't bludgeon someone to death to stop them and don't vandalize vaults or keys you find).

You can leave someone at the location of the vaults and communicate with them remotely while others chase locations around town. You can follow other teams and killsteal them. You can solo it all and run through the snow to get all the rewards for yourself. You can sabotage others by spamming the Ethereum network and preventing them from submitting transactions. You can even check out the dapp's smart contract to see if it can be hacked, and if you can cheat your way to victory!

Anyone can participate, young or old, from any jurisdiction.

What if no one claims all 5 vaults?

If there are any questions or comments, let us know on Twitter or ping us via email and if you'd like to sponsor a vault with a custom reward, let us know!

Posted in BLOČK on Nov 17, 2018


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