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We're proud to announce that the blockchain conference BLOČK 2018 will take place at Hotel Castellum and the nearby picturesque Castle Zrinski in Čakovec, Croatia on December 14 and 15 (Friday and Saturday) of 2018! 😎

The main focus of BLOČK will be the development and application of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). Our goal is to establish a transfer of high-quality theoretical and practical knowledge from the speakers to the attendees during talks and workshops, and to inspire a general exchange of ideas, concepts, and good vibes. Furthermore, we even hope to become the link that will connect some of the attending blockchain developers with their future employers.

Also, we'll keep you focused with refreshing drinks and tasty local food during coffee breaks and lunches, and we'll spice things up with a town-wide cryptohunt, a visit to the museum, and and crypto party on Saturday evening! 😊

With a total capacity of 90 attendees, an aesthetically appealing main venue, and a historically significant secondary venue, we aim to establish BLOČK as an elite annual blockchain event that will initiate the process of technological decentralization of Croatia and start turning the town of Čakovec into a competent technological hub and an attractive spot for future blockchain events.

Stay tuned for incoming updates on speakers, talks/workshops, and the details of our venues! Make sure to visit the BLOČK website to grab an early bird ticket! 😉

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