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We're looking for sponsors

Rather than look for sponsors each and every time we want to set up a new conference (or a new edition of an existing conference), we thought we'd open the possibility for companies to jump on board and fund our new hire as well as other efforts the Blockada NGO will get involved in (education, events, free consulting etc.). These sponsorships will help us fund our operation and focus on logistics and organization rather than begging for money. It would help us create the best possible events for the best and most ambitious people in the ecosystem, providing everyone with an ideal opportunity for hiring, socializing, teaming up, and innovating.

So, here's the idea: if your company likes to sponsor events of a particular nature, please take a look at our current events and decide which type better suits you. They're listed on the homepage. Then, think about supporting one or more of the following options.

Strategic Sponsor

You can sponsor our NGO and help fund the organization directly. As it's a non profit, that's probably something something deductible, we don't know. But it would help us pay for our worker(s) and you'd have a strong presence in all the conferences we organize, for as long as you're sponsor. This includes a promo stand, strong shoutouts, and a strong presence on our website and the websites of our events.

Event Sponsor

You can decide to fully sponsor one of our conferences. This is probably the most expensive option BUT it basically renames the conference after your company and you effectively take it over. Rather than be called just "Bločk", the conference would now be "Bločk by Acme". Your company's name would be plastered everywhere, and you'd be able to set up a promo stand, paper the walls with your logo, even organize a zeppelin to circle the venue for all we care.

Track Sponsor

Sponsoring a track will rename the track from something like "Blockchain in Business" to "Blockchain in Business by Acme". Again, you'd be free to spam the track with your name and content as much as you like. You'd get everything else to match as well - promo stand, website and newsletter presence, and whatever else we can agree on - it's all negotiable.

Workshop Sponsor

You can sponsor a workshop. Translation: you can pay to pick a topic, plaster your company's info all over people, walls, and projector screens in one workshop, and you can pick a speaker. If no speaker can cover the topic you want covered, we will provide the speaker to talk about your topic. How about them apples?

Talk Sponsor

Same as above. You can use the talk slot to promote your company, but we recommend hiring a speaker to do that incognito - present something useful and causally throw in a mention of your company "having done that exact thing well, and here's how" 😉


Stalk people in the hallways and throw pens, yoyos, and notebooks at them. Possibly even hire some of them.

Sponsor goodies

Fund our printing presses. Pay for our bag, shirt, and lanyard printing and you get to put whatever you want in the goody bag in unlimited amounts.

Sponsor food / afterparty

The food events get renamed "Lunch by Acme", you can plaster your sticker on people's plates or sandwiches, and you get the feeling of immense satisfaction of having fed hundreds of excellent, ambitious industry leaders.


Talk to us about other options. Got ideas of your own? We're open to new things and negotiating old ones.

Posted in jobs on Jul 18, 2018


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