TL;DR: a non-profit DAO helping events get funded

BlockadaDAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization on the Ethereum blockchain providing events with expense coverage and coworking and organizing spaces and offices with much needed foot traffic.

Members submit grant requests for cost coverage and pick among partners (who pay a DAO membership fee of at least 10 DAI monthly) to find a place to organize an event in. Partners want to support this with membership fees because it’s like a long-form sponsorship with little to no cost attached, and it helps them keep their space full when they have room available - this is extremely useful for coworking and event spaces that are generally empty but need users and foot traffic.

Members can profit by submitting events to, and by voting (staking) on grant proposals and on event verification (claiming it’s real vs fake). Any other profit (from ads or from DAO memberships) goes into the event funding pool from where various event costs are covered on a grant by grant basis, voted by members

Join as a Human

If you are a member of any kind of human registry on Ethereum (currently only HumanityDAO), you automatically qualify for free membership as long as you apply with the same address you've registered as a human. All applicants get some voting reputation on joining. If you're kicked from the humanness oracle providing your humanity, you will lose access to Blockada DAO but keep your reputation. Restoring humanity also restores your voting power to what it was when you lost access.

Human members do not pay a membership fee and are allowed to create proposals (see below for proposal types). Human members can also buy more voting power by contributing to the Blockada funding pool, or they can increase their voting reputation by participating in decision making.

Another mechanic humans can participate in is staking - proposals that humans stake on get additional visibility and thus are moved to the top of the voting queue where they are resolved much faster. Participating in this "prediction market" of proposals is financially incentivized through a zero-sum game against other predictors of the opposite outcome.

Join as a Human

Join as a Partner Space

A partner is an individual or a company pledging to provide space to any Blockada member who wishes to host an event in a given location, within a reasonable date frame. Partners pay 10 DAI or more per month.

For example, if Progressbar in Bratislava is a partner, then if I wish to host an event there when I’m visiting Bratislava from July 20th to July 28th, they must allow me to organize the event at their space unless they have other events scheduled at that time, or are otherwise closed for business in that timeframe. As member of Blockada I have to let the partner know at least 4 weeks before my event. The organizer must always ask the partner for a range of acceptable dates.

The partner’s responsibility stops at the space level - they do not pledge to provide anything else. Should the partner fail to provide this space within reasonable conditions, the community has the right to kick them.

The incentive for partners to join is promotion of their offices / locations, logistics support, networking, potentially recruiting, and more. In a way, this is kind of like an ongoing sponsorship where a company or organization that might otherwise give 200 DAI for burgers at an event finances its 20 months of membership and thus also gains voting rights and valuable connections.

Join as a Partner

Fully Secured

Funds are stored in a battle tested vault over which no one has absolute control, and withdraws are strictly limited

Completely community-governed

After the initial join wave, everything the DAO can do - even modifying itself - is in the hands of its members

Built on DaoStack

A proven and battle-tested DAO framework is the foundation of Blockada DAO

Easy To
Contribute Anonymously

You don't have to register as a human to contribute to the event-funding pool. Simply send DAI (any other cryptocurrency is returned) to the DAO's address and it will be added to the pool for the members to manage. You can identify as our benefactor if you wish ❤

Stake on Proposals

As a member, you can add weight to some proposals. Higher priority proposals get resolved sooner, and you predicting on their outcome can sway the public's opinion too. It's a zero-sum game in which your enthusiasm about a given proposal's outcome can earn you some additional income.