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BlockSplit is a blockchain community conference organised to grow the global blockchain ecosystem. It takes place in Split, Croatia in late Spring / early Summmer each year.

It provides experienced members with a stage for sharing knowledge and onboarding new talents into the community. Our hands-on development workshops, development- and business-oriented presentations accelerate the growth of blockchain usage and acceptance in businesses and society.


BlockSplit is an opportunity for developers and founders of blockchain projects to learn and meet. Active blockchain projects are able to grow their own respective communities by helping new members to kickstart their own journeys in this exciting industry. The conference is tailored for programmers, project managers and entrepreneurs looking at the potential of working with the blockchain technology.

Attendees will obtain invaluable knowledge and network which will help them find opportunities in the industry, whether as developers or founders. BlockSplit is also catering to the needs of rapidly growing blockchain communities surrounding Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Open Source Software projects. The agenda includes full-day hands-on development workshops as well as development and business talks.

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1st edition, 2018